Jennifer (received_grace) wrote in lahore,

what to do..

Hey, I'm new here. I take it this is a new community?
I'm trying my luck anyways.
Towards the end of the year I'm going to Pakistan for a month, and I'll be landing in Lahore and staying there for a few days. Any recommendations of places to see and things to do?
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yups its a new community and ur the 2nd person to be here so I welcome you abord.
Like you said you have few days to spend in lahore, I guess you dont have much time then, cos there is so much to see and do in lahore that it'll take more then a month to check out all the lahore.
What ever you do in the day time but you dont want to skip a single evening either in 'mini golf' or 'cafe zauoq'. Tho i'm not from lahore exactly, but when I visit lahore I usually spend my evening time either one of those places with my friends and there are no other such places in whole pakistan.
Hey ! she's the 3rd alright .... am the 2nd one :)
After Lahore I'll be staying in a little city about 3 hours away with my fiance and his family. But supposebly I'm going to be taken "everywhere" (oh joy!) so I can see everything, so I'm sure I'll be traveling back and forth.. but I want to do something that would be a cool place to go and hang out with my fiance and his brothers and sisters. I'll talk to him about mini golf, sounds like fun, there can't be a better way to show off my "cordination" (yeah, right haha).. what's all at Cafe Zauoq? That sounds cool too from your opinion. Thanks.
Oh, Rehmania, just wanted to say your icon is really beautiful!
OMGOSH! EAT SOME "gol-guppay"

idk if thats how you spell em in english 0_o


i crave them at all times



April 5 2010, 18:40:44 UTC 8 years ago

dont u have a betta place 2 visit, surely