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Rafi Peer, CD distrobution and duplication in Lahore


I'm the vocalist/bassist of a Boston based Desi Punk band called The Kominas, and we're looking for the best way to make our cds available in Lahore. We're not looking for any money, but just venders who'd be comfortable selling them and allowing promotional posters to be hung for it.

Is it better that we get the CD duplication done here in the USA, or should we leave it do be done in Pakistan? I'll only be in Pk for 3 weeks, so my schedule is tight. But my luggage may be tighter.

Also, any info on organizers of Rafi Peer would be great! Contact info, etc. Thanks for everything ;)

You can either leave a comment, or email me at thekominas@yahoo.com

~ Basim Usmani
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